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Age of Empires IV at gamescom 2021: Hands on History and New Updates

Today, during the gamescom 2021 Xbox Stream, the Age of Empires team revealed an exciting storytelling element from the upcoming Age of Empires IV, Hands on History.  This series of twenty-eight unlockable videos was filmed on location with experts around the world, and give players a deeper look into the way people lived, fought and ruled in the past. Age of Empires IV will bring history to life like never before, with Hands on History telling more stories as players build, battle and Age up!

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Fans got an exclusive first look at one of the videos today, highlighting everyone’s favorite medieval weapon – the trebuchet! Shot on location at Warwick Castle in England with Mechanical Engineer Dr. Shini Somara, players saw a full-scale trebuchet in action with insight into how this weapon of war worked.

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Want to learn more about Age of Empires IV? Head to the Age of Empires website to deep dive on the civilizations, learn more about the campaigns and join the conversation. The game is available for pre-order now on Windows Store and Steam and will be playable starting October 28, on Xbox Game Pass for PC!

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