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PS VR Spotlight returns with new updates

PS VR Spotlight returns today, with new reveals and updates on previously announced PS VR titles. We’ll be highlighting seven games in total, so keep your eyes on our channels starting at 8 AM PDT / 4 PM BST, with updates every half hour.

And as mentioned, this is all about the games. So to manage expectations, there will be no next-gen VR related news. But in the meantime, stay tuned right here to learn more about some of the amazing PS VR games launching soon!

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PS VR Spotlight announcements

Sniper Elite VR sets its sights on a July 8 release
Rewrite the past and reshape the future in PS VR adventure Wanderer
PS VR FPS adventure Fracked hits the slopes this summer
After the Fall: Detailing the PS VR co-op shooter’s world, enemies & combat
Winds & Leaves, a flora-builder in a world full of secrets hits PS VR July 27
Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey enters a new dimension on PS VR, PS4, and PS5
Become a ninja in PS VR stealth-action sandbox game Arashi: Castles of Sin

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