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Download Hardcore Mecha PS4 CUSA16873 – ASIA Direct Links

تحميل لعبة Hardcore Mecha PS4 CUSA16873 للبلايستيشن 4 كاملة

Hardcore Mecha PS4 CUSA16873

Hardcore Mecha PS4 CUSA16873


GAME NAMEHardcore Mecha PS4
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HARDCORE MECHA is a side-scrolling action game, which is focused on a better handling and filled with our tribute to those classic robots and their relevant culture works. It has two major game modes. In the campaign mode, you can enjoy an immersive experience in its rich gameplay and seamless in-game cut-scenes. Beside the marvellous campaign, our game offers you another mode–the multi-player battle, in which players can manipulate all kinds of mechas introduced and available in the game, and arrange their own moves and tactics freely. It is time to start such an exciting, fast-paced, hardcore and competitive battle of steel! (Support Local & Online Multi-player)

One of the major features of this game is its realistic immersive experience of mecha-operating, which is achieved by its weight-sensing handling experience and manual manipulation. So do not hesitate any more! Just improve your skills in this game, and cultivate yourself from a trifling pawn into an invincible ace!

Screen Shots

Hardcore-Mecha_01-09-20.jpg (600×337)
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Download From Here Multi Links (Game + Update 1.02)

Download From Here Multi Links (Game + Update 1.02 {5.05})

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