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تحميل لعبة Red Faction Guerrilla للبلايستيشن 3

Red Faction Guerrilla PS3

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Red Faction Guerrilla is a third-person shooter game. This game is available for download in ISO and PKG formats for free. Red Faction Guerrilla PS3 game developed by Volition and published by THQ. This is the 3rd game in the Red Faction series and released on June 2, 2009, for the PS3 console. Red Faction Guerrilla generally received the positive response from the gaming critics. This game set in the open world environment. In the gameplay, you play the role of Alec Mason as he helps the Red Faction to overthrow the oppressive Earth Defense Force (EDF) on Mars. Engineer Volition changed the camera point of view to enable the player to see and value the surroundings as they are destroyed.

However, the game’s Geomod 2.0 engine takes into consideration structures, cover, and different structures to be obliterated. This permits a level of imagination in moving toward a given target. As a rule, devastating structures will desert rescue, the game’s type of money, which can be used alongside rescue remunerated by finishing missions to open and overhaul weaponry and innovation at safehouses. During the battle, the player is constantly outfitted with a heavy hammer like a weapon, alongside three openings for different weapons and explosives, chose out of a decision of just about twenty things.

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SeriesRed Faction
Game NameRed Faction: Guerrilla
PlatformPlayStation 3
Game FormatEUR [PKG Format]
Release DateJune 2, 2009
GenreThird-person shooter
ModeSingle-player, Multiplayer

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